CEO Greeting

Leader of future global industry


At First, we would like to appreciate your interest in Se-Jong and our product.

We always keep in mind that the first priority is our customer’s satisfaction and value. We Steadily try to make a product which meet customer’s needs.
We keep developing and improving technology which many customers are looking for. And also, from accumulating know-how, we can manufacture many kinds of product which can apply to many industries.

With our own developed technology, SE-JONG have been supplying Many kinds of Metal powder, Alloy powder, Pyro-tech Powder, Getter for High vacuum, Getter for gas purify, Abrasion resistance, Heat resistance, Corrosion resistance Coating materials, Energy reduction materials and products all over the world.

To Improve customer’s product quality and cost reduction Through our product and service is the first goal of our business.

We are always open to your valuable suggestions, sensitive to your needs and ready to be cooperators who are beside you whenever you need us. We look forward to your continuous interest and cooperation.

Thank you. .

Ha, Ho President      sign