SE-JONG Target is base on metal powder like below table to be produced as various alloy , intermetallic compound. There are technics of manufacture and having the plenty experience. SE-JONG will try to safety supply a customer.

Target for semiconductor and standard.

Item Composition Purity Size
Al Al / AlN / Al2O3/AlCr / AlCu / AlSi 2N5~5N Customized
Ti Ti / TiOx / TiAl 3N~4N
Zr Zr / ZrO2 2N~4N
Si Si 5N
Cu Cu 3N5
Ag Ag 4N
W WOx 3N
AZO Al2O3- ZnO2 4N
ATO SnO2-Sb2O3 3N~4N
ITO Sn10wt% 4N
NiCr Ni80wt-Cr20wt 3N8
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