We produce various thermal spray coating powders for heat-proof, wear-resistant materials and use these powders for coating of titanium alloy, hardmetal cemented carbide, ceramic alloy and so on.


Depending on surface roughness, Manufacture powder variously.


  • ① Heat resistance
  • ② Abrasion resistance
  • ③ Corrosion resistance
  • ④ Above ①, ②, ③ Mixture.
  • ⑤ Heater
    • Coating at standard Heater.
    • Quartz tube, Sheath, Glass, Band, Cartridge, Titanium, Cast, Ceramic Heater etc. (Ceramic Heater ; Do High temperature sintering to Ceramic structure by applying)
    • Increasing Around 25~50% Thermal efficiency more than standard Heater.
    • Add Far infrared ray, Deodorization, Air purification.
Division Heater Testing Division Remarks
Size Volume Before Coating After Coating
Testing Testing Result Φ15 x 600L 1.4KW 462℃ 687℃ Heater volume
900W : 150℃efficiency
1.4KW : 200℃efficiency

  • Coating
  • Coating